Colours / FinishesBB2025X:Vintage White

  • BB2025X:Vintage White
  • BB2025X:Black
  • BB2025X:Vintage Sunburst



The 2025X basses feature bolt-on necks and passive pickups that deliver the ultimate in Rock bass tone. Pickguard, metal knobs, metal control plate add an impressive Rock look. This instrument features Yamaha's technologies such as A.R.E. and I.R.A. treatments, which focus on sound and presence. The BB2025X is the 5-string version of the BB2024X. It's low B 5th string adds a strong presence and heavy low-end tone. Overall, these basses deliver premium sound, performance, and durability.

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.
Some colours may not be available in some countries.

  • Maple / Mahogany 5 Ply Neck
  • Spline Jointed 3-Piece Body
  • Nickel Silver Nut
  • Diagonal Body Thru Stringing
  • A.R.E and I.R A. Treatment
  • Made In Japan


Spline Joint

BB2024 has employed a 3-piece body structure with which its bridge is placed on the center piece in order to translate the maximum amount of string vibration to the body. Instead of simply gluing wood pieces, we insert a Maple plate, called "Splin", in...

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